Corneal Tear and Scleral Tear Repair: Trauma to Cornea and Sclera by something sharp flying into the eye. It can also be caused by something striking the eye with significant force, like a metallic hand tool. A corneal laceration is deeper than a corneal abrasion, cutting partially or fully through the cornea. Under aseptic condition suturing of cornea and sclera is done to restore vision.

Pterygium / Ocular surface reconstruction: Ocular surface reconstruction with tissue transplantation has emerged as the treatment modality for ocular surface disorders refractory to conventional medical therapies. In this procedure fleshy mass extending on to cornea is removed and amniotic membrane / conjunctival flap is placed over the bare area.

Corneal tattooing: In eyes with opaque cornea and nil visual prognosis, corneal tattooing is done for cosmetic purpose with the help of dye injecting in to cornea.