Dr. Madhu Uddaraju


Cornea and Refractive Surgery


  • 9+ Years
  • 5,000+ Surgical Procedures
  • 2,000+ Corneal Transplants
  • 2,000+ Refractive Surgical Procedures

highlights and accolades

  • Medical Director for Badam Balakrishna Eye Bank
  • Won the APOS Vishnuvardhan best anterior segment free paper Award 2016
  • Won the APOS G R Reddy best free paper of the conference Award 2016
  • Won the APOS Raghavachar best free paper Award 2017
  • Presented work on Smart cornea services at AAO New orleans USA 2017 & Won the OOSS Presidential Scholarship Award
  • Won the APOS Vengal Rao best free paper Award 2018
  • Presented on Teleophthalmology work at APTOS Singapore 2018
  • Won the APOS Akira Prabhakar Best Video Award 2019
  • Won the APOS Nayana Sriram Best posterior segment paper Award 2019
  • Served as the organizing secretary for 5th Annual conference of Andhra Pradesh ophthalmic Society
  • Presented work on keratoprosthesis at 33 APACRS meeting in Kyoto Japan 2019
  • Initiated the Harvard Global Alliance for Medical Innovation at Srikiran after Boston visit 2019
  • Received the AIOS International Heroes and SROC South India Talent Awards in 2019
  • Presented free papers and Instruction course on Keratoconus and Bowman’s layer transplantation at Virtual ASCRS meeting 2020
  • Won best Video Award in AAO 2020 for work on Bowmans layer transplant.
  • Won American Academy of Ophthalmology International Education Award for the year 2020
  • Gave 2 International Orbis Cybersight lectures on Microbial keratitis & Dry eye that were attended by thousands of delegates from over 100 countries
  • Conducted a 10 lecture cornea essentials webinar series 2020 along with several other webinars
  • Formulated Ophthalmology clinics Operational guidelines for COVID 2020
  • Published 8 Articles in International Peer Reviewed Journal

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